Are you looking for help with your horse(s)? Get in touch! I take care of the daily jobs around horses, ride horses on request and in case of lack of time or injury. I also give riding lessons to all ages and abilites, whether it be wanting to build your confidence for general riding or wanting to gain those extra marks out competing. I advise on all aspects of horse ownership and also offer horseownership courses. Have a look at my services and find out more.

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BHS qualification courses & horse-ownership courseS

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Some reviews

" I started taking lessons with Alice about two years ago. I was returning to horseback riding after many years. Alice catered lessons to my skill level, and managed to turn me from an unbalanced potato into a confident amateur rider. I now own my own horse, and continue to take lessons from Alice. She is font of equestrian knowledge and I know she will always give me excellent advice. Alice has helped me in so many ways since I met her, and I honestly don't think I would have stuck it out without her. 10/10, would recommend without hesitation. "
"After just a few lessons i am already noticing lasting improvements in my position. Lessons are fun and varied. Most importantly to me, Alice is very good at reading my horse and adapts exercises to keep him interested, happy and relaxed. There is a noticeable ease and willingness in his attitude to work in her lessons which makes it super enjoyable. I highly recommend Alice as an instructor."
"My life changed when I met Alice. She is wise and talented beyond her years. Alice knows how to push you out of your comfort zone without you even realising it and you do it because she knows you can. I have seen Alice work with both adults and children and she just has this way about her that makes you want to work harder in your lessons. My riding skills and confidence have improved lesson upon lesson over the last 4 years and I have Alice to thank for this. "
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